May 25, 2016


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July 2015


Home decor can be expensive, so we've found 5 tasteful and affordable ways to help make your house that bit more homely. As it's spring, we're all about nesting and making your home look as stylish as possible. You can personalise these designs to match your interior style.

Envelope cushion
Cushions are an instant way of adding a new dimension to a room. The envelope cushion is super easy to make and will probably set you back an hour at the most. Find some really nice fabric and you will be on your way, you'll probably be able to make 2 of these with 1 metre of fabric!

Melanie Ham has created a step by step guide of how to make one, easy! See more of Melanie's crafty tutorials here

Painted bottles / Flower vase
If you're a bit of a bottle-hoarder or would just like a nice new vase after enjoying a bottle of wine, this one's for you. We found this tutorial on FAB DIY which uses normal white paint but you could also use spray paint to achieve a slightly smoother finish. 

Click here to see more from FAB DIY

Geometric coasters
Coasters are really on trend, especially geometric ones. Sugar & Cloth developed this ingenious and stylish way of making them and you have to try it. Click here to see tutorial.

Sugar & Cloth have lots more useful tutorials to transform your home, check them out here.

Potato Art 
If you would like to jazz up your walls, why don't you get a trusty spud out of the cupboard and get creating. Potatoes are great because they are firm enough to cut intricate geometric shapes and will keep the shape when you press them against a surface. Check out the Youtube tutorial below.

Colour-block plant pots
Succulents and cacti are currently very trendy to have in your home. But it's just as important to consider what the plants rests in. So pick up some cheap plant pots from a hardware shop and get painting. DIYS.COM have a really good article on different ways to decorate your pots and our favourite is these colour-block plant pots. Click here to see the full article.

DIY candle block
The final idea is again from Sugar & Cloth. Candles never get old and this is a really simple and tasteful way to display them. Click here to view the tutorial.


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