Plants are essential for any living space. These days the more plants you have the better and there are some super cool ways you can showcase them, times have moved on from just the classic plant pot. This is functional decor, it looks great and doesn’t have to set you back a lot.

Clamp Tray
Swedish company Navet developed this beautiful clamp tray. The tray can clamp on to window sills, coffee tables or desks and look complete with some potted plants resting on them. These range from about £50 and are available in various colours and sizes, get them online on www.artilleriet.se

Plant stand
There are many variations of plant stands available. Here are some of our favourites...

Ferm Living plant stand 

£20 available here www.scandinaviandesigncenter.com

IKEA plant shelf

Different variations available for £25 - £40. Buy here www.ikea.com

Plant Hanger 
Plant hangers are on trend. They add depth and style to your living space. Like with the stands there are many variations available, heres a few of our favourites...

Available for £48 here on www.geo-fleur.com

Available for £12 on www.geo-fleur.com

Buy for £69 on www.westelm.co.uk

There are also a lot of options here on Etsy

Geometric wall plant

Buy here for £25 for 2 at www.redcandy.com

Another trick we've found from www.curiousdetails.com for showing off your plants is using old science equipment. Buy an old clamp on ebay / etsy and some test tubes / beakers and your good to go.


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