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July 2015


We’ve been following Charlie's work since he graduated 3 years ago. His playful ideas are well executed with bold shapes and colour. He isn't restricted to one medium and is always trying out new processes. His work stretches across the board and has been used in fashion, branding, set design, music and more. We caught up with him for a chat about his most recent endeavours. 

Tell us about your recent exhibition

My recent exhibition was in Paper & Cup on Calvert Avenue which is run by the charity SCT. They own the rehabilitation centre on the end of Calvert avenue which also housed some of the exhibition within the Restoration Station workshop which opens onto Shoreditch highstreet, right next to the Church. They are a very kind bunch and have been instrumental in helping, housing and rehabilitating people of all walks of life in East London. The exhibition itself was a small collection of a few pieces I have been working on for the past year, all crammed in some way into the little coffee shop. There was a set of new screen prints, paintings on paper and my preferred medium of paint on wooden panels. We also put some vinyl up on the cupboards to bring a bit more colour to the space which is still there now.

What inspires your work?

Everything really, I don’t have a particular thing that generally inspires me. You can see two really nice colours together and get an idea for a new piece or be in the shower looking at the tiles on the walls and see new shapes within shapes, it just happens.

What is your favourite colour combination?

Right now I would say a certain shade of orange and pink together, the more fluorescent side or a darker tone of yellow with orange.

What advice would you give a young creative just starting out?

Make whatever you want to make. The longer you think about doing something the less likely you are to do it.





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