We are excited to announce that Alfred & Wilde has moved to Hackney Downs Studios! We are loving being part of this big creative community. So far we've met loads of like-minded creative folks and seen plenty of intriguing projects happening. Plus the The Russet cafe is a great place to hang out. 



Above is Simon (the boss) in our new studio. As you can see we have been hard at work, the walls are decorated with our signature OSP and we are loving the huge windows. All we need now is some plants and we'll be set.



Another great thing about Hackney Down Studios is the options when you forget your lunch. The Russet serves a variety of healthy tasty dishes and it doesn’t burn a whole in your wallet. We can’t wait till the summer when its warm and everyone will be drinking cold frosty beers outside!


To see our feature of fellow Hackney Down Studio'er Archie Proudfoot click here.
He hand paints signs, glass and shop fronts and has an incredible portfolio of work.

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