March 30, 2016


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July 2015


Brooklyn based Dana Haim is a Columbian-American artist, designer and traveller. Dana has always been infatuated by ancient textile processes, culture and the natural world and you can see this inspires her beautiful work. The digital age is starting to take over the manual processes of making and artists such as Dana are taking it back. They believe there is enduring beauty in creating things by hand. 

Pom Poms

Haim's handmade, super fun and colourful pom-poms have found her stockists from the likes of Urban Outfitters and ABC Home plus commissions from far and wide. However Dana started to feel like she had achieved all she could in the fun home accessory world and so she started on her dream to create 'functional home products with an heirloom quality'.

Dana Haim rugs

Her rugs radiate sophistication and style not to mention craftsmanship. Haim likes to travel and work with artisans who know their stuff about creating wovens. She has been to Columbia (her native country), Mexico and Guatemala. It is important to Dana to work closely with local cultures and traditional textile processes.



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