We discovered this Spanish creative agency and fell in love with everything they do. Masquespacio are known for creating outstanding interiors and branding that all works together in perfect harmony (although the word harmony doesn't do them justice as they are way too unforgettable to be harmonious).

Masquespacio's colour palettes and forms echo the great Memphis group. This reference is subtle but relevant to their postmodern and contemporary forward- thinking approach. They design spaces from schools to offices, shops and restaurants. All with a clear strategy to suit the company but also with a fresh 'Masquespacio' image. It wasn't easy to pick out some examples of their best work - because its all great - but here's our top 3 picks.

1. Academia Altimira

To celebrate 15 years of existence the owners asked Masquespacio to redesign their brand and space. "The redesign of the brand and interior is inspired by 'Constructing' oneself as a person and through learning, defined here by the specialization in recitation classes and preparation for college and university exams of the academy."

2. Masquespacio interior

The company usually work on other brands and spaces. But this is a redesign of their own office and is simply beautiful. The use of colour and space is considerate and stylish. The concept behind the colour palettes is clever and on point.


3. Kessalao, Germany

Who wouldn't want to be seen in this place. Cutting-edge and bold design is super cool but still holds natural and fresh features that would make any health conscious cosmopolitan want to eat here.


Check out more of their branding and interiors: www.masquespacio.com


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