You don’t have to hang prints the traditional way anymore, there are many more options. Whether they are cheap or a little more luxurious, these methods will make your living space look super fresh and up to date. We’ve put together 6 ways you can be inventive and show off your prints.

The good old coat hanger

These are a very economical way of hanging art and they look really great, especially when they are all together on a feature wall. You can pick these up in most homewares stores, we think the natural wood looks best. 

Bulldog clips 



Bulldog clips are a fun way of displaying prints and you can choose the right colour and shape to compliment your desired print. Alfred & Wilde love the gold ones because they looks so good with our metallic prints. You can pick up bulldog clips online.

Click here to buy metallic bulldog clips

Wooden poster hanger

This is our favourite way of displaying prints at the moment. It looks extremely stylish and up to date, particularly with our yellow Battersea Power Station print. There are various places selling these and they are popping up everywhere. There are economically priced hangers and more luxury ones, depends how much you are wanting to spend.

You can buy on Etsy, John Lewis or Scandinavian Design Centre

Wire mesh board 

Another on-point way to present your prints is wire mesh board. You can go DIY with this or if you don't have time you can buy reasonably sized memo boards online.
Bulldog clips are also really useful to clip the prints to the board. Smaller prints are best with this, but if you bought a bigger piece of wire mesh you could try exhibiting larger ones.

Buy black wire memo board here (no DIY needed) 

Buy black wire mesh (DIY option)

Picture shelf

For framed prints, the picture shelf works perfectly and can really add depth to your living space. You have the freedom to curate a minimalist look and just display a few pieces. Or you could crowd it with all your favourites. It just depends on your desired look.

You can buy picture shelves from IKEA here

Alternatively just put up a simple wooden plank and you've got yourself a picture shelf!

Spice rack

The spice rack seems to be trending at the moment too. People are calling it the Ikea Spice Rack Hack. Its not just prints that look really nice but also your favourate design books. Which lets face it, are pieces of art in themselves! You can pick up a spice rack for just £3 from Ikea and paint it whatever colour you want. There is nothing minimalist about these, its all about layering up books and prints but being selective with colour and composition. The trick is to buy a few of them and place them next to each other, as they are not that large. Probably best for smaller prints.

Buy IKEA spice rack here.



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