Colourbox Boutique, run by freelance illustrator Joe Rogers, is one of our new favourites. We went to the DIY Art Market in London recently and fell in love with his fun, beautiful work. 

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Plants are essential for any living space. These days the more plants you have the better and there are some super cool ways you can showcase them, times have moved on from just the classic plant pot. This is functional decor, it looks great and doesn’t have to set you back a lot.

Clamp Tray
Swedish company Navet developed this beautiful clamp tray. The tray can clamp on to window sills, coffee tables or desks and look complete with some potted plants resting on them. These range from about £50 and are available in various colours and sizes, get them online on

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Good design serves a purpose, but create furniture that serves two purposes and you're on to a winner. As living space gets smaller, the efficiency of our chosen furnishings needs to be spot on. If you find you never have enough places to put your stuff then you might want to think about investing in a good piece of multi-functional design. Here are five really beautifully designed pieces of furniture that also team up as storage. 

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You don’t have to hang prints the traditional way anymore, there are many more interesting options. Whether they are cheap or a little more luxurious, these methods will make your living space look super fresh and up to date. We’ve put together 6 ways you can be inventive and show off your prints.

The good old coat hanger

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We came across this Spanish creative agency and have fallen in love with everything they do. Masquespacio are known for creating outstanding interiors and branding that all work together in perfect harmony. Except the word harmony doesn't do them justice as they are way too unforgettable to be harmonious. 

Masquespacio's colour palettes and forms echo the great Memphis group. This reference is subtle but relevant to their postmodern and contemporary forward- thinking approach. They design spaces from schools to offices, shops and restaurants. All with a clear strategy to suit the company but also with a fresh 'Masquespacio' image. It wasn't easy to pick out some examples of their best work - because its all great - but here's our top 3 picks.

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Our pals Wolf & Moon have launched a brand new collection and it is quite something!
The new collection is called 'No.4' and features beautiful geometric pieces inspired by architectural structures. Wolf & Moon never hold back on style and elegance. Their use of wood, acrylic, gold and brass work a treat, delivering iconic pieces of jewellery that are fun to wear. 

wolf & moon necklace

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We finally made the pilgrimage to the incredible workshop of Gods Own Junkyard in Walthamstow last weekend, and were not disappointed. Set up by Chris Bracey - who sadly recently died - God's Own Junkyard produces and restores spectacular and kitsch neon movie signs and props. They rightly have a cult following among the world's fashion and design set and you may have seen some of the piece in Selfridges or in the background of fashion shoots. But to truly appreciate the awesome effect of hundreds of pieces together I suggest you get yourself on the Victoria Line to Walthamstow. 

God's Own Junkyard

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