Plants are essential for any living space. These days the more plants you have the better and there are some super cool ways you can showcase them, times have moved on from just the classic plant pot. This is functional decor, it looks great and doesn’t have to set you back a lot.

Clamp Tray
Swedish company Navet developed this beautiful clamp tray. The tray can clamp on to window sills, coffee tables or desks and look complete with some potted plants resting on them. These range from about £50 and are available in various colours and sizes, get them online on

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It's feeling truly springlike outside and our nesting instincts make it a great time to spruce up your insides and get decorating. 

Interior trends seem to come and go as fast as high street fashion these days. But there are certain looks that stand the test of time. 

Industrial style living room by арх бюро Edifico

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