Tetra earrings

Handmade earrings with a gold and white geometric design.

From our range made in collaboration with jewellery label Wolf & Moon, inspired by the 'Platonic Solids'. Each piece is lovingly handmade in their East London studio.

The platonic solids are a series of five solid shapes named after the Ancient Greek thinker Plato. The solid shapes are symmetrical, and each is made up of faces that are the same shape. Their mathematical beauty has led them to be repeatedly linked to the construction of the universe.

Inspired by the tetrahedron, these earrings have white frosted bases and mirrored gold acrylic geometric frames.

The necklace comes in a presentation box handstamped with gold foil.

Each earring pendant is 3.5cm by 2cm.

Large earring hooks are gold plated.

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