September 16, 2015


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July 2015


In the latest of our stockist profiles we chatted to the super-cool Helen Fisher at her shop SNAP on Roman Road in East London. Helen is great on social media so make sure you check her out on Facebook or Instagram where I nicked all these photos from. 

Helen Fisher at SNAP

How would you describe your shop and the range that you stock? What is your style?
SNAP is a shop that sells contemporary cards and gifts, along with a large range of greeting cards. Products include jewellery, prints, books, homewares, stationery, gift wrap, and a strong line in dinosaurs (the cuddly kind). We sell bright, modern work with an emphasis on well designed products, bold graphics and humour. 


What are your favourite items that you sell? Or your bestsellers?
Modern Toss is a good one, for it’s true to life sarcasm. Ohh Deer's range of cards and coasters sell and sell, and make everyone laugh. DoBooks are great books for a quick inspirational gift. And CustomMade jewellery is a favourite for its neat, on-trend range of pieces.

Loadsa cards in SNAP

What do you like about running/managing your own business?
Being responsible for your own business is challenging, but you get to manage those challenges and set your own standards, which is very exciting. A business is a real life thing that changes constantly and needs care and attention. Like a temperamental houseplant!

SNAP on Roman Road

Where/how do you find new designers to stock in your shop?
Trade shows, markets, pottering around shops on holiday. There is so much out there. Social media is also a great way of discovering new stuff. Instagram is a favourite.

What advice would you give to artists or designer-makers who want to get stocked in your shop?
For me there are a number of factors, it may not be the same for everyone. Firstly be clear with your offer: Images, wholesale price, terms etc. Packaging and branding are important to make something attractive to shoppers and retailers. Products have to look great on the shelf. And remember that sometimes a ‘no’ is not down to your product - there are so many other factors in decision making. In the current market there are often crossovers in style, ranges and product type. There is also timing, cash flow, and the style and focus of the shop to consider. But sometimes an email or a sample just arrives at the perfect moment…!

Cuddly dinosaur

Address: 465 Roman Road, Bow, East London, E3 5LX
: @snapstorelondon


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